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Activating Cooperation protocol between Aswan University and Upper Egypt Development Authority

Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman _Acting president of Aswan university_ declared that it is within the framework of Activation of the joint cooperation protocol between Aswan University and the Upper Egypt Development Authority, a meeting was held headed by Brigade staff of War/Sherif Ahmed Saleh _ Head of Upper Egypt development Authority_ Aswan university teamwork headed by Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Abo Ellel_ vice dean of faculty of Agriculture and natural resources and with the participation of civil society foundations in the headquarters of Upper Egypt development Authority.

His Excellency added that in the frame of implementing upper Egypt development Goals in participation with Good Life Initiative to achieve sustainable development by providing Work opportunities and integrated economic, Agricultural, industrial, educational projects that serve the poorest villages in particular and upper Egypt people in general.

It is approved to consist of joint workshops to meet monthly to assess the performance of the poorest villages in Aswan university and study the results of the implementation of development projects of these villages in participation with the university teamwork which consists of Dr/ Mohamed Hussein Barsi_ vice-dean of Faculty of commerce, Dr. Radwan Abdel-Radi _vice dean of Faculty of Archaeology, Dr. Ahmed El-Damarani _ Assistant Professor of Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Hamada Rajab_ Faculty of Social work, Dr. El-Nobi Hefni_ lecturer of Horticulture in Faculty of Agriculture, the work team of the Authority Major General. Hossam Al-Nemr_ Head of the Central Planning Department, Dr. Sabri Salah El-Din_ Advisor to the Chairman of the Authority, Mr. Nasser Adam – Financial Director of the Authority – Eng. Rehab Fayez – Director of the Technical Office at the Authority – and a group of officials of Upper Egypt Development Authority and civil society institutions.