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Educational Workshop on artificial intelligence

Educational workshop entitled “Artificial intelligence” was held today, the lecturer was Mr. Mohamed Haroon, and under supervision of the Central Youth welfare. A group of students of Faculties of Arts, Dar Al-Uloom, Archaeology, the workshop was in the seminar Hall in the building of Faculty of Law in University Headquarter in Aswan University, the workshop aims at Awareness-raising and opening student perspectives about all what is new in technology as this is Egypt Vision 2030, the lecturer asked students about the “artificial intelligence” to find out about their knowledge about the topic, It was noted that students were passionate about knowing artificial intelligence, the workshop was about what is the artificial intelligence, its uses, its importance for special needs, its importance for society and the results of developing and implementing research on artificial intelligence and at the end of the workshop, the trainer thanked students for their good interaction in the workshop.