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Jean University president and the culture counselor find ways to cooperate with Aswan university president

In frame of international cooperation between Aswan University headed by Prof/ Ayman Mahmoud Othman _ Acting of Aswan University president, Jean University president/ Juan Gomez Ortega opened archaeological expeditions findings sent by Jean university in participation with Aswan University and that according to the signed agreement in frame of the international and academic cooperation between the two universities and that in attendance of the Spanish Cultural Counselor in Arab republic of Egypt Mr. Candido Cris, and Dr. Hazem Abd Ellah El-Gamal_ Dean of Faculty of Al-Alsun and the International Cooperation Officer at Aswan University.

Prof. Ayman Othman confirmed that the visit of the delegation of the Spanish Jaen University comes to discuss ways of cooperation and working on extending the cooperation agreement concluded between the two universities for 5 years, in a number of various scientific and research fields.   

His Excellency added that the cooperation agreement includes academic cooperation in the coming years between the two universities and obtaining scientific and research scholarships through research projects between the two universities and other international universities, through projects funded by the European Union.

Dr. Hazem El-Gamal_ Faculty of Al-Alsun Dean and the International Cooperation Officer at Aswan University, said that the Spanish Cultural Counsellor. Candido Cris, discussed all means of support for the Spanish Language Department_ Faculty of Al-Alsun, Aswan University, and that the Spanish Embassy provides all support to the students of the department in order to improve the educational system, especially learning Spanish as a foreign language. A Spanish cultural day will also be held at the faculty headquarter in the university campus in Aswan new city, and in attendance of the Spanish ambassador and the cultural counselor to support the students and working on motivate them to learn the Spanish language and know its arts.   

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Juan Gomez_ President of the Spanish Jaen University _ presented the university’s shield to Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman_ Acting President of Aswan University, in appreciation of the importance of fruitful and constructive cooperation between the two sides.