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Launching the training program events under the slogan” environment and sustainable development”

Aswan University organized the training program and sustainable development in cooperation with the International Center for Consulting and general services and that in attendance of Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman_ Acting president of Aswan University _who started the Event of the program by welcoming the vice deans and students participating to benefit from the training program.

And that in attendance of Prof. Magdy Mohamed Ali _ Coordinator of Aswan University and Previous Vice dean for Society service and environment development, Dr. Mahmoud Borai_ manager of the Centre, Eng. Ahmed Salem_ manager of Digital Transformation Centre_ which is held under the slogan: “Environment and Sustainable development”

Aswan University president assured the importance of training program event which will be launched on Tuesday in the Digital Innovation Centre Hall over three days to discuss many topics of Students activities and working on employing it in serving the environment and how to preserve it and also Ecosystem system, global warming, Environment, Sustainable development and how to promote sustainable environmental and industrial development in the service of investment and connecting it to green industry and sustainable environment.

Dr. Magdy Mohamed Ali_ added that the program aims to protect the environment and working on society service from presenting many environmental and societal issues through working on spreading awareness, increasing environmental culture to University students to promote the importance of environmental preservation and also preparing especial day in the industrial area in Aswan to raise and qualify employees in the industrial field and how to move to clean industries and also the sustainable tourism development, and its importance in attracting tourism and keeping the natural reserves and its role in promoting tourism.

Dr. Mahmoud Borai_ Manager of the International Centre for consulting and general services_ stated that the Centre represents the Centre of expertise in the fields of Clean environment and eco-friendly clean industries and working on qualifying the industrial buildings to stop pollution and the proper waste management and that comes in frame of the training program and the concern of tourism activities to get green societies through applying standards requirements of tourism, industrial and societal environment at the level of Aswan governorate.