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Important announcement

Ministry of Health and Population presented new facilities to Vaccinate students by registration and immediate vaccination for students in students’ vaccination Centre in any place in all over the governorates of Egypt and This is after the Ministry of Health and Population added the field (University Student) on the vaccination website, to speed up the vaccination process for students in university with the aim of Reaching the goals based on the directives of the political leadership and its concern on the safety of students and participants in the educational process. Those who did not receive the vaccine should go to any of the university‚Äôs headquarters to receive the vaccine, which is:

1- Aswan University Hospital

2- Sahari headquarter

3- New Aswan Headquarter

4- The headquarter of faculty of Education

This is within the framework of the current measures taken by the state to preserve the health and safety of students and prevent the spread of the virus, and that the university will continue to provide vaccination at the pre-set vaccination centers at the university and on a permanent basis for all students, Academic staff and employees in parallel with the efforts of the Ministry of Health until all university staff are vaccinated with 100% before the Start of the Academic year.