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Aswan University organizes a training course entitled fisheries management

Aswan University Acting president Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman declared that in frame of state concern to achieve Egypt vision 2020 for comprehensive development, Faculty of Fisheries Technology organized a training course entitled “fisheries management” during two days which included discussing economic viability of aquaculture, and quality management of fish farming water.

Prof. Ayman Othman _University president_ added that the training course dealt with health procedures for handling and caring for fish, and the training course concluded its events by presenting the project of exploiting the desert in integrated farming.

Dr. Salah El-Din Fikri Al-Saei _ Dean of Faculty of Fisheries Technology explained that this course is the first of a series of training courses that will deal with various important topics in the field of fisheries as a serious step to spread the culture of fish farming in Aswan Governorate with providing technical support and counseling to young people to set up farming projects as well as educating fishermen on correct practices and providing guidance and counseling For all those interested in the field in Aswan Governorate, the course was opened by Dr. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, President of Aswan University, and the training course was concluded in attendance of Dr. Salah El-Din Fikri Al-Saii, Dean of the faculty_ the faculty Vice-Deans and the trainees, and they took memorial photos.