Aswan University hostels

The university hostels at Aswan University have largely been able to accommodate the largest number of expatriate students, in order to make it easier for parents and reduce the financial burden on families.

University Hostels did not become places of Accommodation, such as housing and food, for male and female students, but rather their role and concept went beyond to a more comprehensive concept and included various aspects of social, cultural, artistic, sports and medical care, in addition to developing human and family connection between supervision and students, whereas the male or female student replaces his or her natural family with a family that fulfills its role so that the social disparity of the students continues to be fully guided. According to a regulation shows to students their rights and duties in a society in which everyone melts in one crucible, whether a supervisor, a student, or an official so that the student feels safe and secure, and everyone shows their creative energies. Whether Educationally, culturally or athletically, their nation and university hostels will be proud of them after graduating.

The submission date for the University Hostels for new and Old Students is from 1/8/2023 to 15/9/2023.

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