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Vision & Mission


The faculty seeks to become a center of linguistic, legal, knowledge, research and social contribution and compete regionally and globally.



  • Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom seeks to provide scientific environment and taking into account Quality standard and accreditation and its result will qualify graduates in Islamic Sciences, research and professional skills according to quality standards, contributing in society service, spread the correct understanding of religion, understanding the knowledge of age, its sciences and its basic culture, to be able to find solutions to problems of our society in the field of jurisprudence and legislation with mature mentality combine between originality and modernity and adopt moderation approach.
  • Preparing human cadres qualified scientifically and professionally in the field of Arabic and Islamic sciences able to provide right religion and work in all educational, cultural, media and scientific research institutions through high-quality program according to the best Global practices.
  • Graduating students of master and doctoral degrees to spread internally and externally through institutions of higher education.