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Visit of Committee of Measurement, Evaluation and Examinations Centre of Ministry of Higher Education to Aswan University

Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman _acting president of Aswan university_ received the committee of measurement and assessment Centre in Ministry of Higher Education in university headquarter in Sahari and that in attendance of Prof. Nady Kamal Aziz Gerges _ Manager of Quality Assurance unit

Today, Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman, Acting President of Aswan University, received the Committee of Measurement, Evaluation and Examinations Center at the Ministry of Higher Education at the University Campus in Sahari, in attendance of Dr. Nadi Kamal Aziz Gerges – Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Centre at Aswan University and Dr. Hassan Allam – Director The Measurement and Evaluation Center at the university, Dr. Yasser Abdel-Hamid Diab, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dr. Adel Zein _Dean of the Faculty of Energy Engineering, the deans of faculties, heads of departments and directors of measurement and evaluation units in Faculties of Education, Nursing, Arts, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Engineering, and a number of Academic staff and their assistants. The committee includes: Dr. Sahar Sayed Amin and Dr. Ahmed Fakhry to receive the measurement and evaluation project at the university

For his part, Prof. Ayman Othman stressed the importance of this visit and working to follow up the measurement and evaluation unit at the Faculty of Energy Engineering, and this comes in frame of the exchange of experiences between different universities in the field of measurement and evaluation, which works to develop the educational process in the various Faculties of Aswan University. 

Dr. Nady Kamal Aziz added that the visit aims to provide technical support to Faculty of Energy Engineering and to show the benefits that Aswan University  have achieved from establishing the Measurement and Evaluation Center at the university, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, through the electronic correction of most of the university’s faculties, in addition to encouraging other faculties to apply for projects Supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and the university to establish units of measurement and evaluation in the various faculties, as well as the actual entry into the era of digitization through the application of electronic exams in Faculties of the university through doing question banks.